Oak coffee table fired using Japanese technique Shou Sugi Ban

This coffee table is made of precious wood—oak, which is processed according to the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban wood burning technique. Brief exposure to fire makes the countertop resistant to moisture, and also gives the wood a unique color palette, and emphasizes the unique structure of oak.
The table itself does not look massive thanks to the wooden legs. They give the product lightness and neatness.
This version of the table is quite versatile, so it can be placed in any interior: loft, modern, art deco. Also, it will easily fit into a room's design such as a classic, Scandinavian, industrial or modern styleле.

Dimensions: 100 cm x 60 cm x 2.5 - 3.3 cm
Frame height: 42 cm
Wood species: oak
Legs: wooden legs
Finish: Herlac silk matt varnish
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