Show Sugi Ban | oak in transparent fill

We have created an unusual epoxy table for everyday activities and special occasions. We used the unique Shou Sugi Ban wood processing technology for its manufacture. Its essence lies in the burning of wood, due to which it acquires a rich palette of shades.

But the uniqueness of this table is not only in this. Firstly, it is made of very "aged" wood – it is at least 180 years old. Secondly, the slab is filled with epoxy resin from all sides, and it looks charming!

**You can customize the product — choose:
•the color of the epoxy resin.
•other type of wood. For example walnut (thermo), oak, poplar, acacia or ash.
•the configuration of the frame.

Size: 200 cm x 100 cm x 5 cm
Frame height: 75 cm
Number of persons: 8
Wood type: oak
Coating: oil
Table legs: ground steel, varnished.
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